Message from the CEO

VESTALE offers excellent services associated with an ongoing commitment to improvement
Vestale develops and manufactures electronic systems and offers a full range of services, from studying assembly technologies to managing supply, X-ray testing, equipment maintenance and manufacturing small to medium runs.Since 1986, we have been developing, designing and manufacturing innovative solutions on behalf of our clients for assembling circuit boards, wires and harnesses, casings and test benches and any other electronic assembly bound for industry. . Our products are integrated into advanced applications primarily in the automotive, aeronautic, manufacturing and telecommunications industries. Since its foundation, Vestale has built itself on strong values that are ​​shared by all of its employees.

Untitled-1_03QUALITY … Because a high level of quality is the first requirement of our clients, we carry out tests and systematic controls on our products at all stages of the manufacturing process. We are continually strengthening our standards and quality certification compliance policy.
Untitled-1_06INNOVATION … Keen to provide our customers with ever more efficient and competitive solutions, innovation is at the heart of our strategy, including through the training of our employees and investments in state-of-the-art technology.  
Untitled-1_08VERSATILITY and ADAPTABILTY… At Vestale we have developed extensive expertise that enables us to offer a full range of manufacturing and testing solutions. Our versatility allows us to offer great flexibility; our customers can choose the services, technologies and skills they need.
Untitled-1_10TRUST … Invested in the satisfaction of our customers, we are particularly mindful of our commitments and turnaround times, making sure that our means of production and our teams are always available and that our management is fully transparent.   These values ​​underlie our commitment and form the basis of our partnership with our clients.

Daniel Boquillon CEO VESTALE SAS