Cable and box build

We implement the most appropriate means for manufacturing in timely manner your cables, harness, boxes or backplanes, even the most complex.

  • Wire cutting and stripping
  • Terminal crimping
  • Coaxial cables
  • Drilling, milling
  • Engraving, serigraphy

Whether you need a unit or several hundred units, our wiring technicians trained at IPC standards, respond with the utmost care to your requirements.

A wide choice of equipment is available to them:

  • Cutting / stripping machines
  • Thermal wire stripper

If you are interested in HF domain, we are able to manufacture all types of flexible or rigid coaxial cables.

  • SCHLEUNIGER and RADIAL equipment

All our work is carried out in compliance with IPC A610 standards (class 1.2 and 3) and by respecting any additional requirements the customer may have.